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Bougie mois de Juin
Bougie mois de Juin
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Candle month of June

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Month of June

Our pot Garnet with a soy wax candle.

Our wax is ecological industrial printing process and does not smoke when it burns.

The pot is reusable for your plants or other uses afterwards.

Dimensions: 6 cm by 8.5 cm

Thank you for purchasing our June exclusive!

The ecological soy wax candle with clary sage essential oil and a semi-precious moonstone.

IMPORTANT always remember to purify and recharge a stone when you have just appropriated it in order to eliminate previous vibrations.

Indeed, after some time, the stone will have given all the energy it had and will need to find natural energies.

To do this, you will need to run it under running water and if you have sage burn it near the stone and surround it with smoke.

Then, think about charging it. The best way to recharge your stone is to expose it directly to the light of the moon, to do this, you just have to place it overnight in your window sill. During full moon nights, the result is even more substantial.

In principle, a few hours per month are more than enough to recharge your moonstone.


Virtues and Benefits.

- very calming

- soothing

- anti stress

- Stimulates the imagination

- brings softness and sensitivity

- develops intuition and imagination

- Promotes premonitory dreams

- increases clairvoyance

- It provides marital happiness

- strengthens our Yin side