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    here is our downloadable portfolio. It contains all of our products, as well as the colors and sizes available. 

     Where are we located?

    • The production workshop for the free pickup is in Terrebonne (Lachenaie).

    Is your mug dishwasher or microwave safe?

    • No, it is not recommended to put it in the dishwasher and in the microwave. It is a handmade mug, so to keep it looking good for a long time it should be hand washed. On the other hand, the coating put on top and inside the cup is dishwasher safe, so it will not magically break down. Plus, if you put it in the microwave for less than a minute, it won't explode either. However, there will be no refund or exchange if there is a breakage due to this use.

    Do your pots have drainage holes?
    • Some of them.

    Is the soap dish adequate?
    • As concrete is porous, our soap dish is ideal for letting your soap aerate and absorbing the normal excess water from a hand wash. 

    What are the advantages of concrete
    • Concrete is porous, so the roots of plants breathe. 
    • Concrete is heavy, so it can be used as a centerpiece to hold tablecloths in summer. 

    What is my order packed in? 
    • For the sake of the environment, we use reused boxes and products for your packages. I started by knocking on some shop doors to ask them for their box and bubble. Finally, I deal with an institution that regularly supplies me according to the packaging they have available.  

    Can I request my pot with a drainage hole?

    • Certainly, all pots can have a drainage hole upon request. It will take a minimum of one week of production.