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About me

Passion for decoration mixed with a unique material, concrete.


Les mimipots, an online interior decoration store.

Thanks to our unique selection, there is something for everyone. Your interior is a reflection of your personal style. Every corner should be attractive and unique, just like you.

We are committed to innovating and adapting to current trends.

Our vision aims for simplicity, beauty and utility.

The products are proudly made in Quebec.

In addition, our product stands out for our ecological thinking through the packaging of your favorite concrete pots.

We understand the importance of recycling, so we pack our products with old newspapers and reused packaging.

Even the boxes have had a second life!


Happy shopping and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

There is a "comments" section before you checkout to indicate your preferences, for example a lighter or darker marbling. If these are available, we will be happy to offer them to you.  



Interview on CFNJ FM 99.1 by Réjean Turgeon

Friday May 9 2021