Ethical and original fundraising campaign with Les Mimipots

Free shipping in Canada with the purchase of $ 100 "free delivery"


Are you a school or a student who wishes to self-finance a trip or a school project?

Mimipots are here to help you raise funds in original ways with a sustainable product, made here. 


We have chosen for you selections of products that are easy to transport.
There is the possibility of personalizing the products in order to create a souvenir.


Step 1: Write an email to

  • Your name and first name
  • The name of the establishment
  • The desired amount of self-financing (financial objective)
  • Number of participants 
  • Start of the campaign

Step 2: Confirmation and estimate of delivery 

Step 3: Distribution 

School self-financing pocketSelf-financing hexagon glassSchool self-financing round under glassSelf-financing square glassLolite with self-financing tillandsia
High profit
  • We know that young people need financing quickly and with our products they won't have to sell a lot of it to reach their goals. 
 Information sheet for self-financing mimipots schools