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Ficus Burgundy and Ficus Lyrata

ficus burgundy

Rubber ficus in the hands of the founder of Mimipots - Myriam


Personally, I love this plant. It looks like a strong and healthy plant with the thickness of its leaves. It is not difficult to maintain and requires little care.


She takes a good light without direct sun. ☀️


Need water 💧 : Take a good ambient humidity at the level of its foliage. To water the soil, it needs good watering, you can let it bathe for 15 minutes and then let it drain. Wait until 1/3 of the soil surface is dry before the next watering. Regular watering is a priority. For that I suggest that you write it in your diary to be constant.


 Soil: A soil for tropical plants, well drained and it will thank you.


* Be careful in winter with too dry ambient air.


If it loses its leaves, there are a few things to check.

-is it well watered?

-was it changed place or pot

-Is there a lack of light?

-have its roots been bathed in water for too long?


After these checks and a change in one or more of these aspects. His condition should improve quickly.


Leaves turning yellow?

-Check whether there are any red spiders.

 Ficus Burgundy in a shelf in a pot Mimipot Amethyst


You want to give some to friends, here's how to cut your rubber.

Simply cut a branch with a few leaves. Not too much if it is still small, because this could prevent it from photosynthesizing and weaken it. No more than 5-6 branches in one size. Then the sap is allowed to dry and the cut part of the cutting is driven into the substrate to about 5 cm deep.


Be careful, the sap can irritate the skin.


Interesting : this will help the foliage to become more beautiful and dense.



Ficus lyrata 

The Ficus Lyrata or lyre fig. This plant does not flower as a houseplant. It is also a popular plant at the moment in interior decorations. 


Ficus lyrata in the hands of the founder Myriam - mimipots


Brightness ☀️

As much light as possible, but without direct sunlight.


Soil and watering 💧

a rich soil, but very draining. The soil should absolutely not remain soggy. 

You need a draining soil, such as that suitable for succulents or cacti.  Éprevent water from remaining in the saucer below the pot.


Water at room temperature is regularly watered when the soil is dry from spring to fall and the plant is growing; we water little in winter.



Temperature and ambient environment


This fig tree likes temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, but never below 7 degrees Celsius.

Be careful in winter if your house is dry, because it comes from a humid tropical environment.

Tips and warnings:

Watch out for red spiders if it's too dry.


It can also lose leaves if it is moved, if it is watered too much or if it lacks light.


Rotate your plant periodically to promote uniform growth. Clean regularly the foliage so that it can photosynthesize. While dusting the leaves, inspect them on each side and watch out for insects.

 Ficus lyrata popular indoor decorative plant in amethyst pot with mimipots


Thanks for reading!

Do not hesitate to add information if you wish or ask questions, I will be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge. 


- Myriam - The Mimipots





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