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How to grow an avocado tree?

I love to experiment and I tried to grow an avocado tree as I saw it often on the internet. I can now talk to you about it at length, since it will make me successful.

We will therefore go there in stages, in my experience, but you will do yours later.

1. First, before cutting your avocado, be careful not to touch the pit with your knife. If it is too injured, there is a risk that it will not grow. On the other hand, I did the test with one or two small knife marks and it worked wonderfully.

2. Then take the pretty pit and clean it by running it under water.

3. Dry the nucleus for 3 days, preferably in the sun.

4. Take Now dry the pit and stick 4 toothpicks in it, the sharpest end of the pit should point up. Make sure you place the toothpicks a little higher than halfway up.

5. Installs pierce your stone with 4 peaks in a glass filled to the limit of the toothpicks. The water should be up to half the core, so make sure you get them high enough.

6. Wait. Eh yes.

But wait what? You tell me.

Let there be a crack that forms and a small stalk that grows!

7. Change the water every 2 days.

8. Prepare your pot and your soil for fruit trees or indoor plants.

When this stem is about 5 centimeters, you can plant it in soil. Leave the top of the core exposed.

But how ?

Well, you can take a straw or a sushi stick to make a space, a hole deep enough for the root. Take a fairly large pot, about eight inches wide and long, and put some flowering soil in it.

9. Plant it.

Line the root in the hole and you bury up to half of your avocado.

Unfortunately, the magic does not happen alone, you have to place it in the sun and water it well. The avocado tree needs maximum light!

After 2 weeks, the first leaves should appear.

10. Water it twice a week at first, then less and less as it grows.

Too much water its leaves will turn yellow, not enough they will turn brown.

When it's big enough you can take it outside in the summer, luckily it will get pollinated and bear fruit.

In Winter you have to bring it inside if you took it outside in the summer.

In winter, your avocado tree will not like the cold and dryness of the heating in the house.

We water less in winter and it is important to let it dry out between waterings.

If you make it that far, congratulations!

You can prune your avocado tree so that it develops better. When the stem reaches about 20 cm, you can cut an 8 cm of stem. By cutting off the top of the stem, its horizontal growth is stimulated.

Preferably, it is pruned at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring.

On a sadder note, you will need to take care of your avocado tree for many years before it starts to bear fruit.

However, this may never happen.

This experiment can be fun to do even if you don't have any fruit to harvest.

Tell me if you liked this article and if you give it a try.


Thanks for reading.

Good experimentation.


Myriam Soucy - The mimipots


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