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How to maintain your plants, tips and tricks!

How to maintain your plants, tips and tricks!

Many of you tell me “how can I avoid killing my plants”?


To answer you, I'll give you some simple tips to follow!


First, what would be very useful is when you buy your plants,

  • ask the name
  • maintenance (brightness, watering, etc.)

Then, buy only plants that suit your environment.



I made a video that explains everything that will follow just right here!




Do it at the right time

-It must be done when the roots are stuck. It is a misconception that giving her a large pot will make her grow faster.

-Potting should always take place in the spring when the plants are awakening from their hibernation.

-Choose the right pot: The general rule is to repot in a container two inches larger than its previous one every two years.

- Prefer a pot pierced at the bottom to prevent water accumulation. Overwatering is the number one killer of your precious plants.



Do not use black soil, even if it is really inexpensive, it will kill your plants. It is a soil very poor in minerals, which is essential for your plants. Don't be fooled by the marketing, no need to take the more expensive one, just mineral rich soil that will keep your plants alive.


· Potting soil for cacti, enriched with sand, garden soil is not enough. Only water your cactus if the soil is dry.


Use rainwater

Touch the soil before watering

· Spray rainwater to fill the lack of humidity (be careful with succulents)



Tips and tricks


Place in the house

In the house, place cacti behind a window so that they get the best light. 



Low brightness





Adiantum fragrans


mountain palm


Cyperus with alternate leaves


· Fucus pumila also called creeping fig tree


Maranta leuconeura

Sword Fern


· Moon flower


Good brightness

Tradescentia zebrina


Direct sun


· Basil

Venus flytrap – Dionaea

The Agave






Generally, a humidity 40-60% relative is suitable for most indoor plants.


Regarding the use of potting kit, I advise you to watch the video.


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