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Indoor plant fungus - Yellow Lepion

Have you ever noticed mini yellow fungi in your plants? What is that ? Is it harmful for my plant? What are the causes? I'm telling you that right here!


We will talk about Yellow lepion (Leucocoprinus birnbaumii): a fungus that is often found in our indoor plants.


The soil contains several bacteria, so it is likely that microorganisms will form. Most are even beneficial for your plants and provide them with minerals.


If they bother you, just pluck them out and simply stir / aerate the soil a bit. They also prefer old potting soil, so another solution would be to change the soil.


I have also seen white or orange mold on the soil of my plants. it is still mushrooms. They like humid places, so spacing out watering and increasing your plant's sun time will help eliminate it all. We want to dry out the soil more quickly to avoid giving them a humid environment.


Be careful not to confuse the white mold with the white that can come from lime deposits coming from your irrigation water. Once again, just remove it and top up with soil if necessary.

Advice: Boiling the water before watering will avoid putting lime in the irrigation water!


You can repot the plant if the mold has taken up a lot of space.


Here are my little tips!


I always suggest that you check with specialists if there is a problem with your plants!


Thanks for reading!



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