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Cutting and care of Anthurium


Anthurium is very easy to care for, as it requires very little care to stay beautiful for a long time.


Brightness: good light, no direct sun. Tolerates shade, but may not flower.


Location: Do not place near a current of hot or cold air, likes temperatures between 20 and 22.

Likes good humidity, like in bathrooms.


spray : Wait until the soil is dry. A sign that the anthurium is too much or not enough watered, the tips of the leaves will turn brown. In winter, watering is reduced, like most plants.


Flowering: With proper maintenance and regular fertilizer application, potted anthurium produces new flowers throughout the year. It does, however, experience flowering cycles of three months, followed by a few months without flowering, then again three months of flowering. If the plant has shiny leaves and produces new flowers, it is most likely that it is in favorable conditions and therefore will flower for many years.


Care instructions : remove the dead leaves as you go, without pulling on the stems, cut.


Repotting: Ideally in early spring or on purchase. Avoid repotting when the plant is in flower. We avoid repotting in winter and in summer during hot weather.



Cutting an anthurium

To do this, cut all the leaves close to the main stem. Then cut the main stem into several sections, all of which should have at least one eye. Then insert these sections vertically in a light mixture half sand, half peat. Keep the soil slightly moist and preferably at a temperature between 25 and 30 degrees. After a few weeks, the cuttings begin to form roots and leaves. Once the new plants are large enough, you can repot them in larger pots.



Fire tongue or red anthurium (Anthurium andraeanum)

            Can reach 50 cm high


Anthurium scherzerianum

Can reach 70 cm high


Anthurium crystallinum

Can reach 70 cm high