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Gold sequin tray

Gold sequin tray

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Here is our concrete tray.

The particularity of this one are these gold-colored leaves.

A beautiful tray to put your jewelry, accessories, or even a presentation tray for your guests.


30cm by 20cm

Weight: 0.9kg

Benefits and Features:

The concrete being porous will help the roots of your plants breathe, without allowing water to pass through the pot.

  • The recipe is the same for all pots, so we guarantee a quality standard.
  • The colors are made with quality pigment that colors concrete itself. It is therefore not painted or surfaced.
  • We have a quality recipe, with quality raw materials and special additions to make your pots durable and solid.

Our raw materials:

  • Water (not just any, half-water)
  • white cement
  • fine sand
  • fiber for strength
  • Other secret ingredients ;)

* Our production is artisanal, so there may be variations in colors and details.

** sold individually

The Mimipots are there to embellish your daily life.

Create an environment in your image.

Made in Canada. 🇨🇦


We avoid hidden costs:


The custom option allows you to create a color of your choice such as marble three color or others. Add a note to your order when viewing the cart.