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May candle
May candle
May candle
May candle
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May candle

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May birthstone candle

On request, as we produce them to order to ensure freshness.

Made with organic soy wax.

The pot : Gray and green and white marbled jewelry box.

Smell : Sweet mint essential oil

For the month of May, here is a sneak preview of the jewelry box with logo!

Instructions for candles:

  • Burn for 1 to 4 hours.
  • Do not burn to the bottom, this increases the risk of the container bursting or sooting.
  • Cut the black wick before lighting.


wide: 11 cm

height: 6cm

Stone: Rolled Emerald

Virtues and properties:

  • highlights our qualities of compassion and benevolence.
  • promotes social relationships, understanding
  • promote healing

The recharging of the emerald, because the stone after a while gave all the energy it could.

Cleaning: Purification with distilled salt water, it absorbs little negative energy.

Immerse your stone in pure water, river water or even better, the ocean, which will completely cleanse its energies. If you don't have access to pure, natural water, tap water will do. You can then visualize the water washing away all its impurities.

Although water is the ideal cleaning method, you can also use the following techniques:

  • cleaning with salt , lightly rubbing coarse salt on your stone
  • recharging in the light of the Moon : you just have to place your stone under the lunar rays for a few hours for optimal cleaning and recalibration
  • smoky cleansing, using frankincense, sage or sandalwood.