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Plants that survive winter

Easy to grow

Water requirement: medium

Exposure: sun - partial shade

Room: living room, kitchen, bedroom, veranda or outside.

The bellflower is part of the Campanulaceae family.

The chrysanthemum is from the Asteraceae family.

Need for water: water regularly

Exposure: Sunny (favors flowering)

Resists cold and drought, in addition to having health benefits.

Exposure: Sun or partial shade

Must have well-drained soil.


· Regularly remove weeds around the base.

Add compost once a year when the soil is very poor

Family: Asparagaceae

Need for water: Support several weeks without watering.

Exposure: Full sun.

Need for water: little watering

Exposure: sun to optimize flowering

Exposure: sun to shade

Soil: ordinary, but well drained

Requires almost no maintenance

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