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Tillandsia or "air plant"

To go with my new product "Lolite", here is an article on tillandsias. This little plant doesn't need soil and it looks so cute in our new Mimipots.

There are several varieties of tillandsias: Tillandsia stricta; Tillandsia ionantha; Tillandsia caput-medusae; Tillandsia cyanea; Tillandsia butzii ...

In short, they are plants with little or no roots. Watering is therefore done by the foliage.

The average watering frequency is once a week in the summer season and, in winter, the frequency is reduced.

Small advice, rather water in the morning so that the plant dries during the day thanks to the sun.

One way to water it is to soak the tillandsia upside down in water for 5-10 min. Then let it drip upside down to prevent water from seeping into the heart of the plant and causing it to rot.

You can also spray it with water, but again, you have to be careful that there is no stagnation in the heart to prevent it from rotting.

Types of water:

The location is important, it needs a bright place, but which is not directly in the sun.

The temperature can vary between 10 and 30 degrees.

Tillandsias like well-ventilated and ventilated rooms.

Since they do not need substrates .. it can be used for decorative purposes or in rocks, moss, etc.

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If you want more information, I recommend this link: https://jardinierparesseux.com/tag/comment-cultiver-un-tillandsia/

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