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How to maintain your succulents (succulents)?

In this article, we are going to talk about succulents!

These beautiful little plants that harmonize and coordinate wonderfully in.

First, they love the sun, so get them out as much as possible.

A south-facing window is best to meet your succulents' need for light exposure.

In addition, remember to turn the pot every now and then so that your plant is completely affected by the rays of the sun. This allows it to have a more natural growth.

Regarding watering, I personally water my plants with a pipette or a "pouch pouch". See photo below. During sunny periods, especially in summer, succulents should be watered about every two weeks. It is important to water them sufficiently, because this is the time when they fill up with water and stock up.

Super important, the soil must be completely dry before the next watering, otherwise your plant may rot.

How to water well?

Looking at the leaves is a good indicator to see if they need water. If the leaves are turning yellow and limp, this is a sign that there is probably too much water. On the contrary, brown leaves can indicate that they are lacking in water. Here again, it would be preferable to inquire according to the plant.

Also, don't worry if you see leaves falling at the base of your succulents, it's a natural process. Simply remove the leaves with your fingers or tweezers.

Preferably, there must be a hole under your pot to drain the water, otherwise it is necessary to space the waterings even more or to water in less quantity. Otherwise we can keep the pot in which our plant was purchased and only put it in a “flowerpot”.

Mimipots can be used as a flowerpot or as a pot.  

For the soil, I use a mixture specially designed for cacti and succulents of the brand "Fafard" at Botanix or that of "Miracle-gros" at Rona.

Small interesting fact, one can easily reproduce these beautiful plants with patience. Would you like to know how in my next article?

I just want to clarify that I am not a specialist, I share some of my knowledge with you, for more information please refer to real specialists! On the other hand, it always gives me great pleasure to answer your questions and even do some research to find out more!

Thanks for reading my article!

Myriam - The mimipots

How to repot succulents:

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