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A little bit of history


I am going to tell you the story of a young girl studying psychoeducation, now an entrepreneur in concrete decoration.

Huh? but yes you read that right!

How many times I've been asked, but where did the idea come from, because yes, actually, it's quite unusual to see someone making concrete pots. In addition, graduated in special education and who aimed to become a psychoeducator.

I can tell you something from my 24th birthday. Things change, plans change and that's okay. It is often even for the best. .

So, without really looking, because I had a good plan for the rest of my life ... well I mixed my passion for plants and decoration, to make concrete pots that go well with everyone the decorations.

I talk about it and I go crazy over my new "baby" as I call it. Before, I could '' no joke '' spend my days listening to Netflix, now I'm quite late in new series because my time is in my company. If that's not a sign that I've found something I'm passionate about, I don't know what it is.

Tse, when you knew you were missing something and now you haven't rained empties ... a wonderful feeling. Develop his company, as you want, magnificent-!

I see the world quite differently now, I see all the opportunities the world has to offer if you dare to go and explore them.

I see all the work that has been done behind an event, behind a company and my vision of the cost of things to change.

A handmade product, you pay for the sweat and the achievement of mistakes.

I am proud to be the mother of Les mimipots.

I am not a writer, I simply wrote to you what came to my heart so that you would know me better.

Thank you! :)

Here is an illustration of my first “Pop up”! Thank you to my parents and my friends always there for me. 💜


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