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Succulent spreads

Have you bought a succulent plant that you love and would like to have more for free? I have the solution for you, right here, read on.

I must admit that the first time I tried it I didn't succeed, but now I succeed quite easily, so that's why I'm going to give you my little advice.

In the first place, you just have to tear off a leaf from your succulent (succulent plant), but be careful not just anyhow. You have to hold the base of the leaf close to the trunk and turn slightly to detach it without breaking it.

Also, not all succulents are successful in being propagated just by removing a leaf, for this you either have to do some research or just try it out.

When you have fully detached the leaves you want to multiply, you must leave them to dry in your house for a day or two. If you don't let it dry out, it might get too much water when you water it for the first time.

Well, for the watering of its small shoots to come, I wait until there are roots that form before starting to water. On the other hand, depend on several factors, the temperature, the sun, the humidity ... maybe for you it will be different. When there are finally roots and a small plant that begins to grow, you can water with a “pouch pouch” or a pipette, at least twice a week.

Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work, sometimes only half of your tries can work. Don't make too many expectations, but if you are patient and want to try I invite you, it's great when it works !!!

Before I forget, the shoots can be burnt if you put them in direct sunlight, so you can bury the roots a bit with soil or just move them to a less sunny place.

If you don't have sunlight in your apartment / house, you can buy a small LED bulb lamp.

Here again, it would be necessary to learn more, because I have never used one.

Here is a very useful link if you want to deepen your research:à-partir-de-feuilles

Thanks for reading :)

Myriam - Lesmimipots

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