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How to prepare your plants for winter?

It's almost the end of summer, so it's time to bring in your plants!

If you've never fertilized your plants, now is a good time! They will be happy to fill up on vitamin after having been in heat. This will help them get through the coming winter.

Here is an example of succulent / cactus fertilizer:

You don't have to use this one, it's a suggestion!

Where to find it? In a nursery or in home improvement stores like Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Rona ...

Basically, you have to bring in the most fragile species in September.

This is the time, the nights are starting to get cold, you can gradually start bringing them in at night and by day taking them out if the weather allows it.

The plants to bring in are citrus fruits, orchids, azaleas, succulents and cacti which cannot stand the cold. Because yes, some cacti and succulents can stay outside all year round, but usually houseplants or small plants must be housed inside.

As the days get shorter, there is less and less sun. We therefore recommend placing the plants as much as possible in the sun, close to a window, but not directly glued (the plant that touches the window could freeze).

If you don't have windows in the sun, you can invest in an LED plant grow light.

If you are using artificial lighting, you should preferably use white, red and blue light.

Here are some suggestions:

Also, make sure you maintain a certain level of humidity in your home. Plants need it.

Finally, we also reduce watering in winter, if necessary!

When the soil is dry, and only when it is completely dry, we can water again.

Here's a quick summary of the important steps for your plants this fall!

Thank you for reading.

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